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Here’s how often unvaccinated people will catch COVID-19

This ‘internet apocalypse’ could hit Earth, researchers warn

Could obsession with election fraud sink the GOP?

This conference is reportedly in discussions to add multiple teams

Why people traded Dogecoin for Shiba Inu cryptocurrency coins

What kind of person uses Tinder to find a plus one to take to a wedding?

Brian Laundrie’s notebook may hold answers to key questions in Gabby Petito case, experts say

CDC approves Moderna, Johnson & Johnson booster shots. Who qualifies?

Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun that killed a crew member on set of his new movie, ‘Rust’

This contagious delta variant has been detected in the U.S.

This country music star says concert vaccine mandates are meant to divide people

When it comes to vaccine resistance, are anti-vax pastors really the problem?

Can 3 memes a day really reduce pandemic stress?

Here’s how many delta variant descendants there actually are

The players that weren’t on the NBA’s 50th anniversary team that made the 75th anniversary team

Brian Laundrie has been found dead, FBI confirms

Balancing the tensions of our Latter-day Saint and LGBTQ conversations

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Why Sen. Joe Manchin wants to change the rules on who gets a child tax credit

The West Virginia Democrat wants an income limit, employment requirement before he will vote for the benefit in Biden’s proposal.

Brian Laundrie’s notebook might be important in figuring out what happened, expert says

Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer says reports of planted evidence are ‘hogwash’

The real reason why Brian Laundrie’s family never spoke to police

Why is Salt Lake County releasing COVID-19 vaccination rates by zodiac signs?

Pfizer reveals how well its booster shot really works against COVID-19

There’s a strong possibility the suspected remains found in Florida are Brian Laundrie’s, family lawyer says

Dr. Fauci’s a polarizing figure. He just explained why he thinks so

Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball? Here’s a first look at the movie ‘Being the Ricardos’

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Is there hope for the family after the pandemic? Or will the battle of the sexes rage on?

There will be no lasting solution until we figure out models of manhood and womanhood that can once again successfully unite.

This is a leading factor for getting a COVID-19 breakthrough case

Taco Bell is giving away free breakfast burritos

Yet another conference is reportedly looking into expansion

FDA approves Moderna, J&J booster shots. Who can get them?

What Bill Self, Bob Huggins and Scott Drew think about BYU joining ‘toughest league in America’

Meghan McCain shares why she left ‘The View’ and what it’s like to be a ‘token conservative’

Body found in Florida in Brian Laundrie search area, FBI confirms

Just how good will LeBron’s newest super team be?

Suspected human remains found in Brian Laundrie search area, officials say

Brian Laundrie search: ‘Items of interest’ found at Carlton Reserve, FBI says

‘I think we might have found something’: Search for Brian Laundrie took another turn Wednesday

Items belonging to Brian Laundrie found near a Florida trail, attorney says

Brian Laundrie’s parents are ‘being tortured in their own home’ by protesters, family’s lawyer says

California expands its state of emergency to deal with massive drought

The real reason why Facebook is changing its name

White House reveals the plan to roll out COVID-19 vaccines to children ages 5 to 11

This COVID variant may be 10% more transmissible than delta

Could venom heal your injuries? Here’s what we know

Opinion: I’m a believer and a doctor. Our abortion debate is broken

What the pandemic revealed about religious freedom

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The problem with Biden’s new refugee cap, according to faith leaders

They welcomed the higher refugee ceiling, but faith groups are skeptical of the nation’s ability to resettle refugees through a network that was gutted under the Trump administration.