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Are you angry?

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports says 75 percent of likely voters are angry at the federal government. Of those, 45 percent are very angry. (Read it here.)

Men are more angry than women. Those who earn between $60,000 and $100.000 are angrier than any other income group. Sixty percent of voters don't think either Republicans or Democrats have a grasp on what the country needs.

Rasmussen said most people oppose the health care reform proposal that's stalled in Congress. They're not sure about the stimulus plan, they didn't like the bank bailouts, they think the government is trying to do too much when tax cuts would be better for job creation, and they think deficits are out of hand because politicians won't cut spending.

I think that pretty much covers my concerns, too. The masses aren't as uninformed and stupid as some may suppose. Their ire may be directed at both parties, but conservatives seem to be the likely beneficiaries in upcoming elections.

So how about it? Are you angry? If so, why? And what could the president and Congress do to make you happier?