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Faithless electors are just trying to take political "selfies"

We have become a selfie-obsessed culture, where anonymous hard work no longer seems to be good enough.

That appears to be true now for membership in the Electoral College, as well.

I dont think I would be out of line to guess that you cant name the electors in your state. You have faith they will reflect the will of the people in your state and vote for the candidate who won the states election for president, as the overwhelming majority did on Monday.

But Maines David Bright couldnt resist taking the symbolic equivalent of a selfie Monday by attempting to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders. Bright, a Democrat, was expected to vote for Hillary Clinton, who won in Maine. Instead he wanted to strike a blow for the young people who liked Bernie.

He said it was the only positive statement he could make, given that Hillary wasnt going to win the overall race.

A positive statement? Is that the point of being an elector?

In an op-ed, the National Reviews Jim Geraghty said Bright and other faithless electors should listen to the words of the late filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn. If you have a message, call Western Union.

Geraghty wonders, Is the job of an elector to send a reassuring or encouraging message to discouraged activists? He asks whether the majority who voted for Hillary deserve some encouragement, too?

One of the reasons the founders established the Electoral College was to guard against someone unqualified, or someone under foreign influence, becoming president. Given the records of several men who have held that office throughout history, its hard to make the argument that Donald Trump should be dismissed for that reason out of hand.

Brights effort failed, by the way. When his vote was ruled out of order, he quickly changed it to favor Clinton. In Colorado and Minnesota, Democratic electors also tried unsuccessfully to vote for Sanders.

As I write this, it appears only in Washington State and Texas did electors succeed in voting for candidates other than the one chosen by state voters. Hillary was hurt more by this movement than was Trump, which also seems odd. Dismissing Hillary as a protest against Trump is illogical.

But of course, if youre just looking for a way to take a political selfie to be remembered rather than to simply do your duty it wasnt odd at all.