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Letter: Closing the Road Home needs to be reconsidered

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Letter to the Editor

Deseret News

I am outraged and saddened by the city and state officials’ decision to close the Road Home shelter. Not only that, but the three homeless resource centers built to replace it are already at capacity, leaving people on the streets in freezing weather conditions with nowhere to go.

The Road Home, for years, has housed hundreds of Utahns in need. Why shut this shelter down before securing a solution? Temperatures are falling fast. Waiting until the end of April to close the shelter will only give state leaders more time to present the best option on how to tackle this major issue. 

Finding solutions to Utah’s ever-growing homelessness issue has been proven to take time. Finding maintainable solutions with overflow and capacity in shelters is going to take time. And the time we have to get people safe, warm and off the streets for winter is running out.

On Nov. 7, people came out to rally and demand the closure of the Road Home be moved to March 2020. One of the rally organizers, Billy Scott, said, “This is the worst possible time to close down the shelter. I mean, we’ve already had two people who have passed due to exposure just in October and the winters are only predicted to get worse.” 

This is one last plea for the state and city officials to reconsider the closing of the Road Home. Lt. Gov. Cox and committee, we want to save our homeless population down here and by closing the Road Home just as winter is coming is doing them an injustice.

Stephanie Todd