Last month, I met Jack Hedge, the executive director of the Utah Inland Port Authority at a community council meeting. Hedge was brought here from the California ports to oversee the Utah Inland Port.

Envision Utah published a public engagement report regarding the Inland Port and the No. 1 concern is air quality in relation to increased truck and rail traffic.

I asked Hedge about the trucks in Los Angeles and how that was working out for the area, he told me, “There are about 40,000 trucks a day in and out of LA.”

If our city and state are looking to model after the California ports, 40,000 trucks a day sounds like a lot of trucks on our roads.

Why all of these trucks on our roads? One reason, Hedge exclaimed, “Instead of you getting into your car and driving to the mall, the mall is coming to you.” 

Why is our State Legislature pushing this on us? Why did the Legislature give the UIPA board jurisdiction over this land? What do our city and state plan to do to remedy the damage the inland port will create? 

I have a solution. Cancel the inland port. Prevention is the best remedy.

Maurena Grossman

Salt Lake City