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Letter: Pride and prejudice and Trump

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

It's an interesting romance between many of our Republican friends and Donald Trump. It brings to mind some of the characters in a favorite novel — "Pride and Prejudice." Trump makes a good George Wickham. Many Republicans, it turns out, make a good Lydia Bennett. Foolish and thoughtless, Lydia falls for the manipulative, greedy, and deceitful George Wickham. The Republican leadership acts much like Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Lydia's parents. When they realize the extent of Lydia's foolish act, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are determined that the only thing to be done is for Lydia to marry Wickham. To heck with her future happiness and well-being, as long as the family name is saved.

And then there is Elizabeth Bennett, who like so few in the party, thinks upon the union of her sister and this man and with a heavy sigh exclaims, "Yet he is such a man!" And that good man with principle is nowhere to be found. Oh, Mr. Darcy, where are you when we need you?

Shari Walbeck

South Jordan