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Letter: We're the problem

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Do you know when you get sick, your body starts a fever and thusly, starts a fight to cure the sickness? Or, when you have a bug crawling on you trying to bite you? Maybe that’s what the planet is trying to do to humans. We are the sickness or the bug and the earth is trying to burn us off with a fever or brush us off like a bug. I wouldn’t blame it.

We’re killing the rain forests, thawing the polar ice caps, eradicating colonies of bees necessary for the worlds livelihood. Humans need to stop being the problem. Relative to the age of this planet, humans have not existed here for very long. The earth has done us a kindness by letting us thrive here. If we don’t stop taking the earth for granted, like that pesky bug I spoke of, we’re going to get squished.

Kim Poulton

West Bountiful