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Letter: Dumb TV

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The ads for the latest "The Bachelor Australia" series show the newest young man who is searching for love and it looks like there may be some star-crossed love.

In one of his introductions he mentions that he is an astrophysicist and the lady replies that she is a Gemini. Subsequent discussion between the ladies in the ad does not show any further in-depth understanding of science.

This illustrates why, as a retired science teacher, I fear for our future and TV is no longer helping as an educational tool.

There needs to be some awareness of the difference between science, astrophysics, and false science, astrology. Astrology is silly although mildly fun and probably read by a few scientists for a laugh although it is really fake.

The real concern is when people cannot tell what is real and proven by science. There is a need to call out those who deny climate change or won't give their children vaccinations. Perhaps they should be sent to the moon or Mars. And yes, people have been to the moon.

If people find love, then wars and war spending will cease, and science spending will be reinvigorated. I'd love to see that on my TV.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia