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Letter: Stop talking about socialism. Start talking about people.

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Rep. Chris Stewart and Rick Larsen, president of the Sutherland Institute, wrote an op-ed titled “We need a new approach when we discuss socialism.” That is a great goal. Later they claim that socialism is an “attack on human dignity, and a destroyer of human rights.” I’ll give them a zero out of 10 for execution.

Everyone who has studied economics and government knows that every economy in the world is a mix. There is good and evil that comes from both: Capitalism grows our overall wealth quickly but exploits the weak and unprivileged, and socialism is best at creating equality but dispenses with critical incentives for productivity. To blame every problem on one is utterly intellectually dishonest. The true purpose of this partisan communication style is to polarize our politics and manipulate the votes of honest citizens.

I invite our leaders to instead center our conversations about people. Millions of people are suffering without sufficient health coverage. Millions of those with coverage are still going into debt to cover hospital bills. One in 4 people with diabetes cannot afford insulin. College graduates live under historic levels of debt from student loans. In many cities, people who work full-time jobs can barely, if at all, afford rent.

Clearly, our system isn’t working for them so please quit squabbling about labels and start working for the people in this country.

Ian Evans

North Salt Lake