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Letter: When is enough going to be enough?

Letter to the editor Deseret News

To our members of Congress, I’m asking from my heart: When is enough enough?

When will they do something, anything really, to strengthen commonsense gun laws? Hiding behind archaic supposed constitutional protections for ownership of weapons of mass murder is unconscionable. Never did the writers of the Constitution envision weapons of mass destruction — war machines. The founders certainly would not have allowed weapons of war for mass consumption.

Rep. Ben McAdams and Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee were elected to represent us. When will they start doing that?

What’s happening in our society right now belongs to fiction, not reality. It is long past the time for our Congressional delegation to do something to stop wholesale mass murder. They can still do the right thing. They can pressure Mitch McConnell to stop holding commonsense gun laws hostage in the Senate.

Becky Day

Salt Lake City