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10 cartoons about Greenland, Biden and other top news this week

Lisa Benson

President Trump talked about buying Greenland, Sean Spicer was invited to be on “Dancing With the Stars” and predictions about a recession are split. It’s been an interesting week for news.

Trump confirmed Sunday that his administration had discussed buying Greenland from its current owner, Denmark.

He suggested it would be a strategic move for the United States. The idea was met with criticism and support, but Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called the idea “absurd.”

It seems the plan isn’t totally scrapped, though. Both leaders spoke Thursday, with Danish media calling the talk “constructive.”

Joey Weatherford

The economy continues to be a popular topic.

Economists are split on whether the trade war and recently volatile stock market are indicative of a recession or not.

Drew Sheneman
Dana Summers

Stories surrounding the 2020 election continue to pour in.

Criticism on Bernie Sanders Medicare plan, Joe Biden’s campaign habits and the Democratic party’s determination to impeach Trump circulated throughout the week.

Dana Summers
Lisa Benson
Lisa Benson

Major issues being discussed include gun control, climate change and immigration.

Phil Hands
Phil Hands
Nick Anderson

ABC has invited former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to be on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The news has raised a stir from both sides and commentary from celebrities who have been or will also be on the show.

Bill Bramhall