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Letter: Stop the tariffs

Letter to the editor Deseret News

Tariffs are the antithesis of making or keeping America great. We never become better or greater by making our opponent weaker. We become better or greater only by doing things better than they have ever been done before. No people in the world can match our ingenuity, our ability to marshal resources, our teamwork and our moral character to do things better than ever before.

Our farmers beautifully illustrate the point, and not just because of our soils or climate. They feed much of the world because they invest in science and technology to grow food better than anyplace else in the world. And they get better at it every season. That should be our model for every sector of our economy.

Government and the private sector should be laser-focused on what makes America better at what America does. Handicapping the opponent may be good for horse racing if the goal is mediocrity for all, but it is a terrible idea for all sectors of our economy.

So, Mr. President, remove the tariffs now. They make us weaker, not stronger. We’ll become stronger only as we do things better, faster and cheaper in all strategic sectors of the economy. We can, we must and we don’t need tariffs imposed on others to stifle our progress.

Gerald Day

West Jordan