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Letter: Trump or socialism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Liberal Democrats have hated President Donald Trump even before he was elected because he is conservative regarding policies for America. That is the same as with all prior Republican presidential candidates.

Never Trumpers seem to hate him mostly for his hardline pushback and defensive tweets. Both groups seem to be self-righteous and only look for and assume the worst with their judgments. Neither group sees the good that he is doing for our country. Hatred leads to stubbornness and a loss of objectivity and clear thinking. Both groups conduct themselves with selective outrage and indignation, while ignoring the more egregious behavior of others.

The outcome of both groups' agendas? Socialism, which is the greatest evil. Neither group sees the slippery slope of changing our righteous fundamental principles to a system of so-called entitlements that will wither away completely in time. No one will want to work hard ever again.

Kim Skinner