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Wrap up the week with 12 cartoons about John Bolton, the 2020 election and more top news

Lisa Benson

The country saw a lot of top news this week, including the anniversary of Sept. 11, the exit of John Bolton, the Democratic debate and dangers of vaping.

National Security Adviser John Bolton is leaving the White House.

Walt Handelsman

President Trump announced the news Tuesday on his Twitter account.

Bolton responded with his own tweet, saying he was the one to initiate the idea, not the president. He was Trump’s third national security adviser.

It is unclear who will is a potential candidate for the position.

Phil Hands

Wednesday marked 18 years since the 9/11 attacks.

Families of the nearly 3,000 lost that day gathered at ground zero to commemorate the events that changed the nation.

Individuals all over the country remembered the events of the day and shared the message to “never forget.”

Lisa Benson

The Trump administration plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes.

Hundreds across the country have reported being sickened by mysterious lung illnesses, attributed to vaping.

Dana Summers

Teen vaping continues to rise across the country, and the Trump administration hopes banning the attractive flavors will help to dissuade teens from picking up the habit.

Drew Sheneman

Most pushback against the news has come from vape shop owners and vaping companies, who say doing so will only push former smokers and teens back to regular cigarettes.

Bill Bramhall

In the U.K., the Brexit debate continues.

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament for five weeks during the ongoing Brexit crisis, but a Scottish court ruled it unlawful.

David Horsey

Lawmakers now have to wait until Tuesday for a U.K. Supreme Court ruling to find out if the suspension will be deemed illegal.

This is a large barrier to Johnson’s promise that he would make Brexit happen on Oct. 31.

Phil Hands

With the latest Democratic debate fresh in the rearview mirror and Congress returning from recess, many are talking about the policies of candidates and the direction of the parties.

Lisa Benson
Lisa Benson
Dana Summers