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Letter: We need the Electoral College

Letter to the editor Deseret News

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for the abolition of the Electoral College because it fails to protect minorities, she once again demonstrated her lack of constitutional history. The Electoral College was established to protect minorities. The first protection was to the individual states so that a handful of states would not rule the nation.

But time has demonstrated another protection. It has become more evident that many states are now ruled by cities within their respective boundaries. If the Electoral College was done away with, the nation’s policies would now be determined by that same handful of cities. And those cities are now predominately Democrat-controlled enclaves within their states. Why? Because only the Democratic Party proposes taking money from the so-called rich and giving it to others. Without the Electoral College, we would quickly become a welfare-centered nation. With no incentive to create or produce, we would be on the path to socialism or communism.

Michael Thorpe

Cottonwood Heights