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Letter: Mark Sanford is not news

Letter to the Editor Deseret News

I am amazed at the content of your National Edition, dated Sept. 15. Your front-page article, “The redemption of Mark Sanford,” took up most of four pages of the 10-page edition. In terms of news worthiness, it would rate a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Surely, there is enough going on in today’s world to warrant better judgement in filling your pages with meaningful content.

Sorry, but it seems to me you are simply filling space, if not showing your bias. Most people I know recognize President Trump’s conduct, past and present, leaves something to be desired. But I am not sure that Mark Sanford, the repentant sinner, or any of the Democratic presidential contenders, for that matter, offer any better answers for the deepening moral and temporal challenges now facing our country.

Brent Clement

Meridian, Idaho