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Letter: Rent must come down

Letter to the editor Deseret News

Referring to “Salt Lake finds it ‘can’t build way out’ of affordable housing shortage” (Sept. 22), housing must be made so affordable that a person is never threatened with being on the street and sleeping at a shelter. And if they can’t build their way out of the housing crisis, I don’t mind if they rehab out of it.

I am currently living in an old school building that was made into apartments for senior citizens, and I appreciate it very much. If they could do this to more old buildings, perhaps they could get the homeless off the street and out of shelters.

I am appalled that rent is so high that I can’t afford an apartment without the help of low-income housing. Rent must come down. It is so high that they are building shelters as people are forced out of their homes to the street, rendering them homeless, when an affordable housing unit would better help and serve them.

Rent must come down. Housing must be made affordable. Low-income housing serves low-income people, but it would be desirable to just pay the rent.

Linda English