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Letter: Trump’s impeachment hearings are justified

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In response to the Ross Hopkins’ submission dated Jan. 6, he requested someone explain the reason President Donald Trump was impeached. He concludes that the fact Burisma Holdings paid Hunter Biden an excessive salary to sit on its board of directors proves corruption, justifying Trump’s action.

Accepting an offer for employment no matter the compensation doesn’t prove illegality. It’s possible Burisma made the offer as part of a strategy to clean up a tarnished image. Also, it should be noted any suspected Burisma corruption occurred prior to Biden’s offer.

Vice President Biden forced the firing of a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor who had previously refused to investigate Burisma for wrongdoing.  

The justification for Article 1 of the impeachment was Trump’s attempt to violate the campaign finance law by seeking interference by a foreign power to obtain dirt on a political opponent. But worse, he threatened to withhold a critical military assistance package unless the Ukrainian president acquiesced. Withholding the package for 55 days not only threatened the lives of our allies’ soldiers fighting Russian aggression, but also the ultimate security of America. 

Raymond Holt