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Letter: Including semitrucks on Legacy Parkway is a bad idea

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There is good news and bad news for those who enjoy driving the beautiful Legacy Parkway as an alternative to the constant mess on I-15.

The good news? The speed limit was recently raised from 55 to 65 mph, which on a safe divided highway like Legacy, it always should have been. The majority of drivers have been traveling at 65 mph safely since the highway opened several years ago.

The bad news? Semitrucks are now allowed on Legacy. That’s a very bad idea, and my gut tells me that semitrucks will influence or actually be involved in several accidents on Legacy in the coming months. It sounds like our legislators were too intimidated to raise the speed limit and continue to keep semis off Legacy.

The compromise. Since it seems to be a moot point arguing that semis should not be allowed on Legacy, how about a compromise? Can the state require that semis only use the right (slow) lane in both directions so those that now want to drive at 65 mph can actually do so?

I don’t know. That might be too logical.

Many will write this dilemma off with the common cliché: “It is what it is.”

My answer to that cliché is: “If it is what is and it was what it was, it’ll be what it’ll be until someone does.”

Randy Hunt