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Letter: Contact your representatives to get COVID relief passed

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FILE - In this Dec. 18, 2019, file photo the U.S. Capitol building is illuminated by the rising sun on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Matt Rourke, Associated Press

Jay Evensen’s positive response to a disastrous debate (“How do we rebound from that mess of a presidential debate?”, Oct. 1) calls on all of us to speak up for America. The evidence presented from recent studies shows we aren’t that far apart, thank goodness.

Now it is time to connect with our members of Congress from all parties and call for legislation that brings us together. A good example is the just-passed House relief package, compromising with Senate demands last May when the House package was about $3 trillion and the Senate only $1 trillion. The Senate refused to budge then, but the new House bill has lowered its proposal to $2 trillion, effectively meeting the Senate halfway. There is hope for relief to become law this time, and that hope increases with constituent calls, letters and tweets that say this matters. Why? No one wants the COVID deaths to continue. No one wants the tsunami of hunger and homelessness that has begun and will explode into disaster in January.

So speak up, be inspired by Mr. Evensen’s commonsense piece, and let’s bring our country back together, beating this pandemic and it’s economic fallout in the process.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington