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Letter: Let’s follow our leaders and adopt the Utah Roadmap

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View of the Salt Lake Valley from the lower waterfall in Bells Canyon.

Deseret News

I applaud the more than 100 high-profile Utah business, political and faith leaders who signed the Utah Climate and Clean Air Compact (“Utahns sign compact committing to pollution, climate change mitigation,” Oct 7).

It’s comforting to know that in a political environment where people take aggressive, opposite positions on just about every issue, there is bipartisan support for taking actions to address climate and air quality issues.

These Utah leaders came together to urge our “state and community leaders, members of Congress, businesses, and all Utahns to adopt the mileposts of the Utah Roadmap and six key principles including a focus on health, clean air, the economy, and investment in rural areas that may be especially impacted by the energy transition.”

Climate change is no longer theoretical, or something that will happen decades from now, in a place far away from Utah. It is here now, with our higher temperatures, droughts and reduced snowpack. And it is here now with the unhealthy air we all breath from extreme wildfires across the West.

I urge everyone to vote for candidates in this election who support bipartisan approaches to addressing climate issues.

Together, let’s take action and adopt the Utah Roadmap.

Marc Peterson