Kudos to Dennis Romboy on his enlightening article on the front page of the Sunday newspaper about Mitt Romney and President Donald Trump (“What did Mitt Romney get right and wrong in his infamous 2016 speech against Donald Trump?” Oct. 25).

I believe that Mitt Romney feels like he is a gentleman and that his conduct is better than Trump’s. However, Romney made some very negative, hate-filled predictions in March of 2016, before Trump became president, and many did not reach fruition. I don’t think this is very gentlemanly and shows bad conduct on Romney’s part.

Trump supported Romney when he ran for senator, yet Romney continues to demean Trump. The trouble with Romney is that his ego gets in the way of his conscience, and he cannot tell what is true or untrue. We should all know by now that Trump has not done anything illegal, so Romney needs to keep quiet.

Dorothy Bradford