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Letter: Jazz players kneeling is understandable but disrespectful

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The Zions Bank Basketball Campus, where the Utah Jazz train and practice, photographed in Salt Lake City on Monday, May 11, 2020.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

I read with interest the news article about SME Steel regarding its suite for the Utah Jazz games (“Jazz sponsor pulls out of luxury suite, calls support of Black Lives Matter ‘political propaganda,’” Sept. 24). I read also the letter they sent to the team.

I applaud SME Steel for taking the action it did. There are legitimate grievances in this country, yes, but to disrespect our country is not an acceptable way to call attention to them. Make no mistake about it: To kneel during the national anthem shows disrespect to our country. If they want to kneel to call attention to their cause they can do it any other time except for when the national anthem is playing.

To tarnish and corrode the greatness of this nation after all it has done since its founding, both for Americans as well as worldwide citizens, is abominable. No one says to ignore the failings or faults of our union, but do not dishonor it.

I am no right-wing activist, as some who might read my letter would probably label me. No, but I am a proud American, a Vietnam vet and someone who honors people who have sacrificed so much for this country. When they kneel during our national anthem, I feel like they are spitting in the face of all those from the Greatest Generation who sacrificed so much to keep this nation free.

Jim Ertle 

Fullerton, California