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Letter: Yes, the debate was combative, but we learned a lot about Biden

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Patrick Semansky, Associated Press

Boyd Matheson’s opinion of the first presidential debate (“Tuesday’s debate had no winner — just 320 million losers,” Sept. 30) focused entirely on the combative style, leaving out everything of substance we learned about the challenger, Joe Biden. Thanks to lots of video of Biden before and during the debate, Matheson should have been able to tell us where Biden lied. A few examples:

  1. Biden said he doesn’t support the Green New Deal, but he has.
  2. Biden said he’s the leader of the Democrat Party, implying he will not go far left — but his platform is mostly that of Bernie Sanders.
  3. Biden said Antifa is only an idea, but I believe it is actually a terrorist organization that burns, loots and destroys.
  4. Biden said he supports law and order, but he is for “redirecting” funding away from police. When pressed, he would not (could not?) name one police group that supports him.
  5. When pressed, he would not answer whether he favors “packing” the Supreme Court — that is, increasing the number to several more than the current nine with left-leaning justices.

Regarding the combative style of the debate that Matheson decries, a better moderator should have been able to control the rude talk-over that Joe Biden engaged in and not have let it get out of hand. A better moderator also would not have continually interrupted our president when he was speaking, which helped Biden.

One thing seen by all who watched the debate, in addition to the above, was the disrespect shown by Biden for our president. It is the same as that of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and most media, who all view President Trump and those who elected him as “deplorables,” clinging to God, guns and Bibles.

Ron Paxton

Perry, Box Elder County