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Letter: To save us from ourselves, the founders created our complex election system

A supporter of President-elect Joe Biden holds up his mobile phone to display the electoral college map outside the Philadelphia Convention Center after the 2020 Presidential Election is called, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Philadelphia.
John Minchillo, Associated Press

Despite what has or may be proclaimed by news media, politicians or pundits, the United States presidential election of 2020 is not over. It will not be over until the electors of the several states shall have certified their votes and transmitted them to the Congress. Isn’t it time that all and sundry recognized that the popular vote in this country does not and never has determined who shall be our president? The popular vote is merely advisory. The election is made by the electors of the Electoral College who are appointed by the legislatures of the several states. This is done according to rules set down by those same legislatures. This is part of the reason in the United States of America ultimate political power lies in the hands and the votes of the state legislatures.

This was done because our Founding Fathers knew — and were very conscious of the fact — that in human history every prior attempt at republican government had ultimately failed when the passions of the people were subverted to factionalism and resulted in either despotism or oligarchy. This the founders sought to avert by implementing the convoluted system which they bequeathed to us.

The people elect the legislators, the legislators make the rules, the legislators appoint the electors, and the electors elect the President. Could this be the reason that Tip O’Neill said “all politics is local”?

Thomas Brown