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Letter: The mask mandate is common sense, just like smoke-free laws

Gov. Gary Herbert gives a thumbs up as he walks to a press conference at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Monday, Nov. 9, 2020, where he clarified the state’s mask mandate and other orders.
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

After reading the article in Monday’s Deseret News (“Herbert’s order on masks, gatherings draws dozens of protesters to Governor’s Mansion,” Nov. 9) and seeing protesters Stephanie Grant and Rebecca Olson proudly displaying their anger on the street with signs that read “Stop the Tyranny” and “No! Dictator Herbert,” I have one question: Did they see a different press conference than I did from the governor?

Ultimately it was a common sense appeal to everyone to wear masks. It was a mandate for businesses to require mask-wearing, but a common sense appeal everywhere else. All those who have sadly died or contracted COVID-19 didn’t catch it from tyranny; they got it from the moisture particles expelled from coughing or sneezing or even breathing near some other person infected with COVID-19.

When a business requires you to wear a shirt or shoes for sanitary health reasons, is it any different than requiring you to wear a mask during a pandemic for the safety and health of everyone? It’s simply common sense.

Is it any different than a smoker walking into a restaurant and sitting next to your table and infecting your lungs with secondary smoke that could kill you? Don’t smokers have the right to choose where they can smoke? Laws were passed to protect you from secondary smoke — any complaints there?

One protester’s sign read, “Our Immune System Is Our God Given PPE.” But is it their right to infect anyone around them whose immune systems may not protect them like the protesters believe theirs would protect them? Please take the governor’s appeal as common sense to a serious worldwide health crisis.

Dave Waltman

Salt Lake City