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Letter: Why is Emily Murphy holding up the presidential transition?

General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy speaks during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Washington on Friday, June 21, 2019.
Susan Walsh, Associated Press

Emily Murphy, of the General Services Administration, is refusing to fulfill her responsibilities to President-elect Joe Biden. According to the Center for Presidential Transition, Murphy is required to certify that he is the president-elect the day after the election. She has failed. By refusing to sign the transition papers, she has denied President-elect Biden office space, support services and, most importantly, a classified security briefing (that is required as soon as possible after the election).

Is Emily Murphy now the arbiter of American democracy? Thirty days before the expiration of President Donald Trump’s term, Murphy is also tasked with supplying support to the outgoing president and vice president for up to six months. This support cannot be offered if the transition is being denied. Murphy is violating the Presidential Transition Act of 1963.

I urge Sen. Mike Lee, John Rep. Curtis and Sen. Mitt Romney to use their influence to urge President Trump to facilitate a peaceful transition of power.

Merilee Murray