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Letter: No, it isn’t wrong to use religion to persuade others politically

A get out the vote sign is shown outside St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.
Paul Sancya, Associated Press

I disagree with most of an opinion by Christian Sagers (“Trump or Biden ... what would Jesus do?” Oct. 28). The question “What would Jesus do?” is always the right question. Mr. Sagers says, “No one knows how Jesus would vote.” That might be true. He then goes on to imply that “Render unto Caesar” means that Christian principles are irrelevant to politics, and that we should just love our neighbor.

Of course, we should love our neighbor, but we should also apply gospel principles to political decisions. Different people may have different opinions about which principles should take precedence when each side involves some positive and some negative. There is nothing wrong with trying to convince others which principles we think are more important in a given situation and using our religion to justify our opinions.

Dan Higinbotham