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Letter: Our lives are all so interconnected — so let’s disagree civilly

In this Dec. 7, 2016, file photo, lights illuminate the downtown Chicago skyline.
Kiichiro Sato, Associated Press

Recently as I heard a radio broadcast of a political disagreement, it occurred to me how shortsighted we can become when too focused on a point of view. In this instance, I considered the person disparaging another’s political party had probably not stopped to think that the car used to drive to the studio was built in part or serviced by some people the person disagreed with. The person might’ve enjoyed music produced by those they may not hold similar views with — or eaten a meal grown, harvested, delivered, stocked and kept clean by strangers the person would hardly agree with.

And yet here we are: beneficiaries of one another’s work, making or delivering our products, paving our roads, and coming up with vaccines and everything else we need, use, build with or hope for.

Our lives are so interconnected that we really have no place to cast stones without injuring ourselves. Do we see it that way? We must be civil in our disagreements or we may end up “biting the hand that feeds.” Yes, we can disagree, but we cannot lose sight that some of those people we disagree with are a part of what makes our lives — and ability to even disagree — possible.

Keith Maloy

West Bountiful