To say we can’t honor the American Indians by using a term that refers to them is using backwards logic. Nobody chooses a mascot to demean it, but rather to show pride and honor for it.

Is Bingham High School making fun of miners? Is Lehi making fun of pioneers? Are the Boston Celtics making fun of the Irish? On the contrary, these teams are making an effort to celebrate the memory of local heritage. The Native American blood in me finds it offensive that political correctness wants to forget the valor of the Indians by hiding our heritage.

Using Native American terms for high school mascots teaches people to be proud of their memory — whereas efforts like those of the current principal of Bountiful High School and others to disremember our history and heritage because of the perverse political correctness bandwagon influence is offensive. They are saying one thing and doing the opposite. Let’s wake up and stop this.

Richard Young