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Letter: We need transparency — and restitution — from Sean Reyes

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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes speaks during the Utah attorney general Republican primary debate at the PBS Utah studios in on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Rick Egan

With reckless disregard and abandon of our democratic process, Attorney General Sean Reyes used public money to independently engage in a frivolous lawsuit intended to undermine a free and fair election and democracy itself. He traveled the country in these personal efforts, including a visit to the White House. He did this at a time when Utah taxpayers’ money could be better used to help Utah citizens during these dire and economically devastating times of an unprecedented pandemic.

Reyes must be held accountable and disclose the full amount of public money used for travel pertaining to challenging the 2020 presidential election results, disclose the source of the public money, and promise and provide evidence that he will repay this public money from his personal finances.

Robin Davis

Salt Lake City