Last spring, the novel coronavirus changed our world and turned every aspect of our lives upside down. We have learned to social distance, and we wear masks to protect our neighbors. To date, many more than one million people worldwide have died from COVID-19. Many are suffering long-term health issues as a result of the virus. In addition to the physical toll, the economic fallout has been devastating.

President Russell M. Nelson invited people all over the world to join in a fast on Good Friday “to pray for relief from the physical, emotional and economic effects of this global pandemic.” Now, just nine months later, two incredibly effective vaccines have been approved by the FDA. And yet, among those who fasted and prayed for a miracle on Good Friday are some who are resisting the vaccine and even spreading misinformation about it. This begs the question, “Is not this the miracle we are looking for?”

I believe our Good Friday fasting and prayers, at the invitation of a prophet, were answered. An effective and safe vaccine has been developed with record breaking speed, thanks to years of groundwork laid by German company BioNTech. This is indeed a Christmas miracle.

Diane Hoole Romney

Darnestown, Maryland