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Letter: In defense of politicians

We elect officials to act on behalf of the public in order to form and run a government. Their job is to do all of those necessary things which we cannot individually do for ourselves. Having done so, we then sit back and snipe and bicker and complain about every little thing they do. That is the real national pastime.

Most recently we had the state tax reform effort. Our elected representatives spent more than a year trying to build a new system to replace the present one which is rapidly becoming untenable. It is becoming untenable because the way we live has changed and the way we pay for how we live has not.

Everyone is in favor of reducing the income tax rate, except those who expect to benefit most from keeping it high. Everyone is opposed to raising the sales tax on anything and are most opposed to raising those taxes if it directly impinges on their favorite “whatever” — fill in the blank. Everyone is in favor of building new roads but not where they live and especially not if they have to pay for them. Every one thinks public mass transit is wonderful but few actually want to use it and fewer still if it doesn’t go exactly where they want to go and in record time.

In short, all the little piggies want to feed at the trough but not one of them is willing to fill it. What is a poor politician to do?

Thomas Brown