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Letter: Does President Trump truly care about religious freedom?

For a president who claims to champion religious freedom, it is appalling that Donald Trump should accuse Sen. Mitt Romney of using his religion as a crutch simply because he dared to publicly declare his faith as he weighed political survival against sincere religious convictions.

The president’s expressed disdain for both Sen. Romney’s and Nancy Pelosi’s expressions of faith demonstrates how little he comprehends what motivates religious expression, or how religion can take us beyond mortal tendencies of self-aggrandizement.

Trump’s value of self over the religious convictions of others was on full display during the National Prayer Breakfast, where he ignored the breakfast theme’s admonition to love one’s enemies. He instead commenced to blast his enemies, mock their religious expressions, and put full focus upon himself.

All the while, the very person he was mocking, Nancy Pelosi, expressed at the breakfast her prayers for the poor and the persecuted around the world. It appears that for President Trump, “religious freedom” is little more than a convenient term for tickling the ears of his base, and that its only relevance is to those who pay unwavering homage to him.

Steve Osguthorpe

Renton, Washington