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Letter: The public supports universal background checks on firearms, state legislators should too

State legislators: You need to be reminded that Utah is a representative democracy and you are obliged to honor the majority will of your constituents. HB109, a universal background check for firearm purchases favored by a huge majority, is the most effective regulation to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Legislators do not represent the NRA or gun manufacturers. They represent the citizens of each district exclusively. Citizens’ taxes pay their salary, they are our agents, and they are honor bound.

Campaign donations should not influence your vote.

HB109 does not violate the Second Amendment. And there is no God-given right to have a gun. A gun that might take the life of a family member, a neighbor or a fellow citizen. Gun violence is a horrendous problem, and the NRA and gun manufacturers have no solutions. For decades they demanded permissive gun laws that have created a state and nation where gun violence threatens everyone. Responsible gun owners understand this and are perfectly willing to go through a background check.

It is time to follow your conscience and vote for HB109. Exercise your God-given responsibility to save lives.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City