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Letter: Individual thought shouldn’t take a backseat to party policy

I agree completely with Andy Windsor’s letter about the Republican Party. I served as a county representative to the GOP convention a few years ago, and I quickly learned that the party rules.

Members of the GOP convention were expected to support the party, regardless of how the members may have thought. Members did not need integrity and courage to act wisely. They were just expected to support the party regardless of how they thought.

Sen. Mitt Romney has integrity and courage but is being chastised for not supporting the party. Party policy is made by a few individuals, and that policy is not always wise. Rather than chastise someone who disagrees with that policy, we should be glad we have representatives who do have integrity and the courage to think about the issues rather than just parrot party policy.

If I disagree with certain aspects of party policy, it should be because I have seriously considered the issues, not just because I am a robot who always supports the party.

Allen Leigh

South Jordan