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Letter: Do your homework before you vote

The column on straight-ticket voting by Jay Evensen prompted me to speak up. I emphatically value the freedom permitted to me living in this wonderful land of America. With this blessed freedom comes the responsibility to render my voice through voting. I do not like the “assumed” action of voting for me by confining me to a political party or platform. This is how freedoms are lost via groupthink. I see this manifested when I view old film of the Nazi era or the current North Korea and watch masses of people surrendering their will to the respective movement.

Yes, unity is powerful, but it may be a two-edge sword in the world of politics. Let us not forget that each person has agency, and in America we are permitted to demonstrate that precious agency. When I received my ballot in the mail recently, I realize that some decisions have been made for me.

It is concerning that my fellow citizens may take the easy course by checking one box — party selection — without considering various options. Some people vote for a person or cause; some people vote against a person or cause. It is disheartening that trust has eroded because politics, governments and elected leaders challenge the God-given worth of each person.

The responsibility of voting, the privilege of voting, requires me to use my agency to choose for myself the options placed before me, this means doing my homework, this means paying attention, this means processing information and discerning good and bad options as best I can.

Elmary Davidson