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Letter: A potential solution to homelessness issues

What can we do for the homeless and the people sitting on the sidewalks around our communities? There must be a better way to help these people.

Let’s institute a “community improvement surcharge,” as part of our state income taxes, of 1% for the first $50K of income, 2% for the next $50K and 3% for all income over $100K. This money could then flow back to the counties where the taxpayers live and be dedicated to providing mental health services, housing, jobs and more for our struggling populations.

In Salt Lake County, several warehouses could be rented, bathrooms and showers installed and homeless could be housed with small lockers for their few personal belongings. A neighboring warehouse could have a kitchen and tables providing meals for those in need. Counseling for jobs and mental health could be provided.

We need to bring back vagrancy laws for the protection of the homeless and for business owners, who are losing business due to the presence of people on sidewalks and panhandlers.

This would create many jobs for service providers and health care workers. The goal would be to turn tax users into taxpayers. This is also the moral thing to do.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City