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Letter: Parents, public schools need your help

There are a growing number of homes where children are not getting enough preparation for life. Perhaps it’s parents being too apathetic with discipline and structure, maybe too negligent, or maybe just being too lackadaisical with the child rearing. It is not an easy job being a parent, but homes need some semblance of structure, of warmth and discipline, of teaching and learning.

This is troublesome because the issue is spilling over into our schools. Many of these students, without prior knowledge as to what structure, warmth, discipline and learning are all about, are making the school classroom unproductive and unsafe, disrupting the learning process altogether.

Ask your child if they have seen an increase in wild, disrespectful behavior from other kids in the classroom. Ask them if they’ve seen a student throw a temper tantrum in class, perhaps involving throwing of chairs or other objects. Ask if they’ve heard students yelling or cursing at their teachers, refusing to do work or listen to instructions. Ask them if they see more bullying in schools or if they are afraid to go to class because of these out-of-control students.

Parents, we need your voice in order to make our schools safe again. We can start by writing our legislators and asking them to address the growing crisis of behavior issues in the schools. We need your added influence on behalf of our schools, so they can again feel like a warm place, a safe haven for learning.

Ask your legislators to fund more school counselors and more behavior and mental health specialists. Ask them to give schools and police departments the ability to coordinate efforts for safe schools. Finally, ask your legislators to explore ways to hold parents accountable for recalcitrant students. Parent accountability may be the best way to permanently return our schools to being the productive centers of learning and preparation they are intended to be.

Daniel Greene

North Logan