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Letter: Private health insurance needs to improve

If food prices had risen at the rate of medical care since 1945, a bag of oranges would cost $134, a gallon of milk $48, and a dozen eggs $55, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine.

I didn’t qualify for any of the Affordable Care Act tax credits, even being a single parent. Insurance through my employer for my son and myself would be $1,050 monthly. Through the Affordable Care Act, the total was $600 monthly.

There should be better options to bring Americans into the individual health insurance market. Maintaining the Medicare and Medicaid programs may mean higher taxes.

Perhaps we should give employers a tax break for offering health insurance, or somehow lower and make affordable premiums for Americans. Providers need to focus on what patients need, instead of how they are reimbursed. If everyone is properly insured, there would be a better equal quality of care.

Christine Fesler