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Letter: Why isn’t Tulsi Gabbard being seriously considered?

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I can’t understand the mindset of the nation’s Democrat voters. Right now, they have narrowed their choice down to these two: A communist, who uses the word, socialist, in order to appear less extreme; And a man who is descending into senility and will be running his campaign from the Alzheimer’s ward by November.

What is amazing is that there is still a third candidate who is a far better choice than either of these two, and that is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. I heard her interview on the radio with Rod Arquette last week and I was very impressed. 

She is a moderate, centrist, well-spoken veteran. Having said that, I would not vote for her since I am a very conservative Trump supporter, but if I were a Democrat, I would vote for Tulsi in a heartbeat. 

I think that her views align far more with the vast majority of Democrats than do the views of Biden or Sanders. I’m sure that the majority of Democrats are ignoring Tulsi because they believe that Biden is the only candidate who can beat Trump.  However, I’m convinced that the only candidate who could actually give Trump a run for his money would be Tulsi.

So why is she being ignored? I don’t get it.

David Goddard

South Jordan