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Letter: When will people take climate change seriously?

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Will it take a coronavirus-like climate event to finally tip public opinion towards taking action on climate change? 

Rudy Gobert was not the first person in the U.S. to test positive for the coronavirus. However, his positive test resulted in a cascading effect in the sports world that quickly spread to other areas of our society. Overnight, the coronavirus pandemic was no longer a hoax. A few people are still shouting that it is all overblown. But try telling that to a Costco shopper.

If we do not act soon, scientists predict a climate tipping event will occur, creating a similar rapid cascade of life-altering events. We could wait for that “Rudy Gobert tipping event” to change opinions and suffer the climate damage caused between now and then, or we could take action now to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Once we are all back on solid ground, please contact your members of congress urge them to pass HR763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, in the House, and a similar bill in the Senate. Anticipating and planning for our climate future will be much more effective than trying to stop the damage after a climate tipping event.

Marc Peterson