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Letter: Utah should withdraw from lawsuit to repeal Affordable Care Act

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On March 23, we reach an important milestone: the 10th anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA. While not without its problems, the ACA has benefited millions by giving them access to insurance coverage through the marketplace or through Medicaid expansion — like we finally have in Utah.  

For millions more, like my son Peter and me, it meant protections for preexisting conditions like the kidney conditions that we were both born with. I have had a kidney transplant, and Peter has already had one surgery in one short year of life. These protections are vital to our survival, and yet they could be wiped out by an outrageous lawsuit that our own state is a part of.

Without any kind of replacement plan in place, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has kept Utah part of a lawsuit that could cost me the protections that keep me alive and could leave Peter uninsurable for life. Even more so now in the midst of a global pandemic, risking the health care of millions of Americans to score political points is the epitome of bad, irresponsible leadership. 

It’s time for our state to withdraw from this destructive and shameful lawsuit. I should be able to rely on my state’s elected officials to protect my family, not put it at risk. 

There is too much at stake for these partisan games.

Paul Gibbs

West Valley City