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Letter: Let’s use this as an opportunity to fight obesity

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Obesity is something that is becoming a more and more prevalent issue in this country as well as this state. Utah may have the lowest obesity rates among adults and children in the country, but we’re still not satisfied with that.

How can we battle obesity? One solution is to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle at school and in the community. We should be encouraging people to make healthier decisions with their eating as well as moving around a little bit more everyday. The current pandemic and social distancing measures may — in a very workaround way — help people begin exercising as a way to pass time. More and more restaurants, businesses and schools are closing down around the state and country.

Along with this, as we are forced to stay inside and unable to eat out as much as normal, this will possibly allow people to look at healthy alternatives for their eating. As terrible as the current situation of COVID-19 is, there may be a silver lining that could lead to healthier lifestyles, and right now we need any positive outlook we can get.

Josh Richter

Salt Lake City