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Letter: We should unite as if at war

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I remember when I was a child in England during World War II. I lived near Manchester and many nights the air raid sirens would sound their distinctive alarm and my parents would hustle my brother and I down to our backyard air raid shelter. We would gather there with neighbors, telling jokes or playing games until the sirens would sound the “all clear.” We would then stream out and look around to see if our homes had survived the German bombs.

It didn’t really matter whether my parents were members of the Labour Party or the Conservative Party. We all rallied together under Winston Churchill’s leadership. We never doubted that victory would be ours against Hitler’s Germany.

Today, all these years later, living in the United States, I feel that we are at war again, this time against a deadly virus, but where is the support for our leader, President Donald Trump? Shame on those politicians who want to use this crisis for their own political gains.

Alan Carabine