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Letter: Cartoonists are the heroes we all need right now

During these stressful times of earthquakes, restrictions to human activities because of the coronavirus and financial uncertainty, kudos goes out to Hank Ketcham, Tom Wilson, Brian Crane, J.P. Toomey Charles Schultz and others.

Each morning in the newspaper when I find no box scores from last night’s baseball games, I turn to the comic strips where, after reading Charlie Brown’s efforts to “coach” his baseball team or Edison Lee’s mischief antics or Ziggy’s misfortunes, tears often come to my eyes from many good giggles, even rollicking laughter.

It has been written and medically stated that a good giggle, even a hearty laugh, relieves stress and improves health. The world in this difficult time needs a good giggle now and again.

Craig Fuller

Salt Lake City