The COVID-19 pandemic is still in the early stages in the United States, and hospitals need more medical supplies including ventilators, masks and even beds as the global health crisis worsens. Medical supplies are critical, but increasing funding for doctors and hospitals is just as vital. It is up to Congress to continue what it started with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and. Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, and give our front-line health care workers the money they deserve in the COVID-4 stimulus package. 

Doctors and health care workers are seeing a substantial loss of revenue with the cancellation of all nonemergency care. Many hospitals rely on scheduled and elective care as their main source of revenue, and all around the country these revenue sources are running out, leaving thousands of health care providers and hospitals in serious financial stress.

Health care workers face the greatest risk of infection due to their constant exposure to COVID-19 patients, and many of them are not able to see their own family due to self-isolation. If Congress doesn’t provide relief now, doctors may not be able to treat sick patients during this pandemic, and we won’t have a working health care system in place when this crisis passes.

Health care workers are the heroes our nation is counting on right now. We owe it to them to ensure they get all the funding they need and deserve from COVID-4.

AJ Arrington

St. George