As of April 15, Utah County has a population just north of 630,000.

Here are the facts, according to Utah state government data. About 400 of every 100,000 population are diagnosed with COVID-19, about 30 of every 100,000 population are hospitalized with COVID-19 and about 3 out of every 100,000 population have died of COVID-19

There is no rational reason for Utah County not to return to work now. This is simply because: We are practicing social distancing, we can wear masks in large gatherings and we are washing our hands more than ever. We know how to self-quarantine and want to be tested with any of even the mildest presenting symptoms. 

Our banks and stores that are presently functioning have put in place special security and safeguards for product handling, crowd control and money exchange. All business that open will implement similar safeguards. Testing for COVID-19 should be made available for whomever desires it.

Under these conditions — with risks so low, with cultural changes inculcated and with widespread testing made available — Utah County’s movie houses, restaurants, small businesses, shops, department stores and factories should be opened for business.

We need our leaders who have confidence in the people of Utah to move ahead safely and responsibly to get this country working again.

Terrance Drake