Since we are “grounded” with physical distancing and pondering what to do, we rely on electronic communication. Thus, the subject of sex education in Naomi Campbell’s letter is curious. Her message implies a moral tone, though quite naive. If moral parents would teach moral values, it might be an ideal world. However, too many humans are not being taught moral values along with sex education.

Every human, no matter the age, is a sexual being. Every human will learn about sexual function somehow during their lifetime. Children learn about sexual function and reproduction all through their developmental lives. Unfortunately, too many young people do not have responsible parents, let alone moral parents.

We provide food — not just education — to our needy children through the school system. We then can provide sex education to our needy children, but without moral overtones. School-sponsored sex education can be accomplished via parental or guardian permission or waivers. Morality is learned elsewhere. The plea for a moral society with responsible and moral parents is the goal.

Elmary Davidson