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Letter: Utah could learn about fighting coronavirus from South Korea

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As a citizen who has been concerned with the invasions of privacy from tech companies and governments, I do not recommend curtailed privacy lightly. However, it pains me to admit that South Korea has shown that more invasive surveillance is necessary to fight COVID-19 and continuing economic prosperity.

The strategy in South Korea and some other nations is to test everyone with symptoms. If a test comes up as positive, then all recent contacts for the infected individual are located and tested and the infected person quarantined. Then all of the contacts that test positive are quarantined and their contacts located and so forth.

If Utah wants to protect her people and her economy, tough measures such as these must be taken. I recommend that Gov. Herbert pay Utah hotels to serve as quarantine areas for infected Utahans. I also recommend that the governor work with cellphone companies to track where infected people have been and who they have interacted with.

These measures go against my civil libertarian leanings but it unfortunately seems as if no other choice is possible considering the evidence. We unfortunately must choose between an invasion of viruses, an invasion of privacy or an invasion of poverty.

Richard Buck

Salt Lake City